Albion Online: Equipment For Gatherers Now Available

The German development studio Sandbox Interactive announces details of the new class of equipment items that have found their way into the Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online with the Galahad Update. In the world and economy Albion Onlines, determined by the players, the collection of raw materials is just as important a part of life as the struggle. Gatherers gain access to equipment that helps their collection activities with helpful spells and bonuses.

Harvesters, woodcutters, mining workers, stonemasons and fur traders are welcome. The four-part sets for each of the five gatherer's professions give them decisive bonuses through passive sayings, a series of basic active sayings and a unique saying per item from the categories head cover, robe and work shoes. In order to be able to name these useful items of equipment, the players must first release them from the corresponding line on their destiny board. As soon as this is done, the respective items themselves have to be created by a toolmaker. But then the players can take advantage of the equipment for gatherers. No matter whether you are looking for fibers, wood, ore, stones or animal skins, the new equipment makes life (and collecting) easier in Albion. And if the look of the individual equipment parts is re-polished in the near future, the sets not only give valuable advantages, but also ensure that the bearers are guaranteed to stand out.
Further details on the new equipment for gatherers can be found on the website.
What is Albion Online?
Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, located in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Thanks to the classless "You're What You Wear" system, turning a skillful archer will turn a powerful magician into a powerful archer, and the players determine their role in the world itself. No matter if hard-fought fighters, farmers, traders or master craftsmen Every weapon, every building made by players. Whether PvE, PvP or in the guild guild against guild, any action in the game has a meaning - and consequences. PvP battles take place in the more dangerous zones of the game world according to the "Winner takes all" principle. Albion Online is the first PC game, which allows full player experience without compromising on tablets.
Albion Online is currently in the final beta phase, the official launch is scheduled for July 17, 2017.