Albion Online Is Coming Soon On March 2017

The MMORPG Sandbox Albion Online announces its next update Galahad, which will be released at the same time as the next wipe of the server on March 13, as well as its official release date announced on July 17, 2017.

Albion Online is the MMORPG of the developer Sandbox Interactives, which is very popular with all players. However, the title has been in beta since eterity, although huge worlds are waiting for the players to whisper about the cards and everything runs as if the title has been on the market for a long time. However, Albion Online has not yet been officially released. But this changes in July 2017!
In the last video of the Game Director, one learns discovers numerous modifications on the world of Albion which require a mandatory wipe:
The world map will be completely overhauled once again due to the unquestionable failure of the one proposed in the final beta;
The different cities will have a design specific to the zone where they are located;
The addition of Expedition system, instanced dungeons up to 5 players;
Worlds bosses to collect large amounts of resources on them;
The addition of creature camps that appear randomly;
Maps dedicated to the factions (Undead & Morgana) as the best spots of PvE grind for groups & raids with 2 boss raids (a daily and a weekly);
The return of the Altars protected by the Specters and allow to harvest Essences.
A redesign of the enchantment system with the possibility of using the Runes, Souls & Relics to increase the equipment power item.
A set of harvesting equipment, unblockable in the Destiny Board, with spells & passive bonuses for harvesting;
A rebalancing of the combat system;
A redesign of the Destiny Board with the addition of a PvE branch (Expeditions), spells directly unblockable, a restriction on the use of Learning Points and finally the Levelies masteries that start at Tier 4 up to level 100 for each node;
A new game interface;
And of course full of bugs fixed and small additions always useful.
During these 4 months of testing before the official release, Albion Online will add a new major update on the guild features and user interface. This update, Hector, will arrive in June.
Finally, the Sandbox Interactive team risked giving an official release date on July 17, 2017. One remains nevertheless cautious when we know the ability of the studio to postpone its estimates by several months.